The fully open source software forge

For Developers, By Developers

LavaForge is a software forge created by developers for developers. Using open source software to provide free and open source hosting for everyone.

Nonprofit forever

LavaForge is fully non-profit, any funds donated or received from users is used entirely to keep the service up and running, and there are no plans to ever change.

Privacy Oriented

LavaForge is fully focused on user privacy and safety, we never view our check our users' data, and are fully transparent when it comes to government and takedown requests, user data is never told to third parties or advertisers.

Fully Federated

LavaForge is a federated software forge, thanks to Gitea's built-in federation support, meaning you can follow LavaForge accounts from Mastodon, Misskey, Akkoma, Pleroma, and everything else!